Light is a fundamental element in our lives, a scientific and biological truth, which since the dawn of mankind has had profound spiritual and mystical meaning. Light transcends all linguistic and cultural barriers. It is a primal phenomenon; it is understood directly and needs no translation into language. It is at the same time both micro and macro. It appeals to our instinct, our intellect and our souls in a most direct and intimate way. Light and the use of light sources play an important role in the creation of architecture and our environment. Light and its influence on our architecture and our way of life will continue to grow in importance in the years to come, as our resources dwindle. The philosophy and beauty of light and its sensitive economic usage, the right to have darkness, the need to avoid light pollution, the timeless dialogue between inside and outside, volume or void, wall and window are all essential themes in my artistic and architectural work. This humanistic interdisciplinary approach provides the basis for my lighting design work.